Looking forwards to spring
2016 starts with a show in Visby in January, one in Stockholm in March and in Kalmar in May.
Lot’s to look forwards to!
Making the most of it
The show New Abstract has done well, received good press and been a starting point for a mural outside the gallery.
The 5 by 10 meter concrete wall has the same composition as the “piece de resistance”  of the show (see further down).
For a wee gander of the show please go to: gallery film
The show also had a finissage with presentations and performances.
A special thanks to  Henrik Stenberg for his brilliant performance.

Touring the countryside
During the project Nationalparafraser I have the privilage to see some
fantastic venues together with my friend and collaborator Urban Larsen (social anthropologist)
So far we taken the project and shown the art work at Mjölby, Vemdalen and at Galgbacken in Halmstad .
Please see the project’s website for details. It’s very exiting, I assure you.
Summer by the sea
It’s finally time for my solo show at Gallery Art-ON in Halmstad.
For this show I have a new series of abstract work.
The show New Abstract opens on saturday 4/7 2015 12:00-15:00.
And its up until 8/8 and there will be a finissage on the same day.
much welcome!
Lingering Winter
The past year was very eventful, and  this year 2015, will be as well I am sure.
Last year three works of mine were sold on auctions, which was interesting.
We shall see about a possible show in Italy as a continuation of last years show
at the Italian Institute of Culture in Stockholm. The tour of my work from National Museum will
be taking of around Easter, and the we have two solos shows in June and August to look forwards to
There is also a possible event at Rönnell’s antiquarian book store with my Refugee Boat pop up book.
Anckarsvärd is also busy writing art texts and conducting a research project on aesthetics (and teenagers).
other than that we shall just have to see what 2015 brings our way.

Peaceful Autumn
This season started with a show at the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm.
The theme is peace and both the people and the place were really wonderful.
And the design and architecture isn’t half bad either.The exhibit will tour to Italy later on.
Oh, before that there was the surreptitious start of the project “Nationalparafraser”.
This is collaboration with scocial anthropologist Dr. Urban Larssen, where we explore the issues of national cultural heritage
during the time of the restoration of Nationalmuseum (2014-2017). One part of the project is a nationwide touring exhibition.
Please see specific website for Nationalparafraser .
The tour started in August this summer at Hallandsgården, Halmstad Museum.
In the meantime the show at Hökarängen has re-opened at Lokalrätten
and I have two pieces in a show Da Dun Cultural Centre in Taiwan.
The work refer to my grandfather and WWII.
Later this autumn is a possible chance of an event and a launch of a new artist book at Rönnell’s Antikvariat in Stockholm.
Other than this, the autumn will be peaceful and give me plenty of time to work on my upcoming solo shows at
Galerie Helena in Stockholm and Art-on Gallery in Halmstad.
Down on the Street
My artist collaborator Helena Johard and I had an amazing time during our show, performance and stay in Chicago.
Good turn out, got chat with Chicago PD (they had to enquire about our performance on the pavement),
and meeting loads of super friendly people. The gallery on Armitage is in a predominantly Hispanic barrio.
It couldn’t have been much better. And finally after a hectic spring things are calming down.
Time for some quality studio time, and some work for a show in Taiwan.
This summer though, will mark the beginning of a three year project in rural Sweden.
Very exiting and broad with ties to ethnology and the National Museum of Art. Stay tuned.

foto: Zachary Paradis
Water Front
May 24 opens “Skeppsbrott [Scénes Naufrages]“, a solo show at Lokalrätten in Hökarängen, Stockholm.
It will show some video work, a new pop-up artist book and a series of new large scale paintings of boat refugees.
These latter work originated from Anckarsvärd’s time at Glasgow School of Art 2001.
On the news the refugee ships keep coming.
Immigrants arriving.
Moving on
What a super busy start of the year, with shows in Glasgow, NY, Edinburgh, Supermarket and the Stations of the Cross
in St Eugenia, Stockholm. Now there is time for other projects, writing, new ideas and obviously quality time in the studio.
And in April there will be an interesting colaboration and exhibit in Stockholm and in June a show with Helena Johard
in Chicago, Illinois.
Forward [2014] Planning
For this year there are quite a few things planned, For instance there will be a very special group show in Glasgow,
which is a kind of reunion of sorts for the Glasgow School of Art class of 2003.
A decade after graduation this group of are doing a wide variety of things. It will be interesting for us to see what.
In February Stockholm will again have the independent Art Fair Supermarket to look forwards to.
And Anckarsvärd will obviously be involved.
And then there is a street art project in NY that may or may not still be up.
It was installed in Williamsburgh on the very last days of 2013.
There will also be a cardboard show in Edinburgh in January, a show with Helena Johard in Chicago, and a few other bits and bobs.
In early March St.Eugenia will unveil the new “Stations of the cross” made by Jakob Anckarsvärd.
That will be something to look forwards to.
On the streets
Here is an image from a small manifestation for Isaak Dawit,
a Swedish journalist imprisoned in Eritrea without a trial since 2001.
Four in Eight
It was certainly a pleasure to be part of Göteborg Book Fair, The Slytest’s Album release at Teater Pero,
in Crème Fraich at La Vieille Montagne and at Nynäshamns Konsthall with Helena Johard.
We are also busy preparing for Nynäs kulturnatt
Svarta Minnen/ Svarta Drömmar (Black memories/ Black Dreams).
Ther show holds installations, paintings, drawings and videos all on a theme of oil as a reminiscent from
the Carbon age and a s a vehicle of the unconscious.
Saturday (2013-10-05) at Nynäshamns Konsthall.
This will probably the only time in Anckarsvärd’s career that he has 4 shows in 8 days.
Early Autumn
The Stockholm Culture Festival was great and the artist talk at Kulturhuset went well.
It certainly was a challenge though. Anckarsvärd is still working on the upcoming
shows at Nynäshamn, St. Eugenia, Teater Pero and also an installation at Club
Créme Fraiche in the end of September, and then there is a group show at the
Glasgow Project Room in February 2014 and still more to come…
The first pod Radio/TV with Pontus Raud, went rather
well so the next show is scheduled for September 10th.